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Jose Guapo releases “Jose Bin Guapo” alternative covers [PHOTOS]

Jose Guapo 5By DJ Junior
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Down in Atlanta, Jose Guapo is one of the biggest mixtape rappers in the game. Over the past two years, Jose Guapo has seen his momentum build, tremendously. His consistent work with the Street Execs and working alongside 2 Chainz’ team has helped him become a force in the industry.

Jose Guapo is preparing to make his major impact on the game with his upcoming mixtape, titled Jose Bin Guapo. The mixtape is set to be released next month and Jose Guapo has a lot of music he plans to drop. But, most have had trouble seeing past how offensive the mixtape cover is.

Apparently, Jose Guapo has heard these complaints and decided to do something about all of it. Now, Jose Guapo has two other Jose Bin Guapo covers on his Instagram that may be used to represent the cover. Regardless, everyone will know what’s up soon enough and readers can check the cover out, below.

See Jose Guapo’s Instagram photos below:


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