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#FreeLilDurk: Fans show their support for Lil Durk on Twitter #FreeDurk

Lil Durk 7By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Shocking news came when Lil Durk got arrested and wasn’t released on bail after violating his probation. Now, Lil Durk joins Meek Mill as another rapper with a project in the works behind bars. As Lil Durk fans know, the Chicago emcee is preparing the release of his new project, Remember My Name.

Lil Durk has had another strong year, as he received more industry co-signs. He found himself recognized by the likes of Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. All of this came through his association with French Montana and Lil Durk even managed to find a way back to peace with Chief Keef.

One mistake cost Lil Durk and he is in prison, which is a disappointment for Lil Durk and all of his supporters. But, the fans are supporting Lil Durk and they want him free to record more music. These fans got on Twitter and made their voices heard with their #FreeLilDurk and #FreeDurk campaigns.

Read the #FreeLilDurk and #FreeDurk tweets below:

Durk1Durk2 Durk3 Durk4 Durk5 Durk6 Durk7 Durk8 Durk9 Durk10 Durk11 Durk12 Durk13 Durk14 Durk15

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