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Ray J disses Tyga and Tyrese on Twitter

Ray J 5By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past couple of days have not been the best for Ray J in terms of the press and overall media responses. Initially known as Brandy’s little brother, Ray J made a name for himself with a couple of his hit singles. But, Ray J more firmly made his mark as a reality television star.

Because of Ray J’s reality show fame and also his relationship with Kim Kardashian, he is a favorite over at TMZ. Recently, TMZ asked Ray J how he felt about Tyga’s growing relationship with Kylie Jenner. In response to this, Ray J said there is a better way for Tyga to get with a Kardashian.

Despite recently doing a song with Tyga, Ray J was honest in his opinion. Although out of the public eye, Tyga was also honest about his opinion. Because of this, Ray J suddenly has hard feelings and he aired this out on Twitter, but he didn’t just leave it at Tyga, he also has hate for Tyrese that he spewed.

Read Ray J’s tweet below:


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