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Tyga has plans of leaving Young Money

Tyga 26By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Unlike the marquee artists on Young Money, Tyga is a rare one who built his own buzz, which made him the label’s fourth-most popular artist. Although Tyga had prior success in 2008, he rose to international fame with “Rack City.” This single was the catalyst for his album, Careless World.

Tyga has since been good for a new album every year, with one due next month. Now, he is much more than an artist, as he has his own company, Last Kings. This company is both a record label and a clothing line with rising artists and pop-up shops, becoming one of the biggest brands in California.

Recently, Tyga was tweeted and asked about his record label status. Asked if he was still down with Young Money, Tyga gave an answer many saw coming. He said he is, but he prefers to be off the label and he is currently working on getting his freedom from his label home of the past six years.

Read Tyga’s Twitter exchange below:


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