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Yo Gotti jams to “Errrbody” remix while driving [VIDEO]

Yo Gotti 15By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Clearly, Yo Gotti has one of the hottest songs of the late summer/early fall with “Errrbody,” so he decided to breathe new life into it. Going back in for the official remix, Yo Gotti recruited Lil Wayne and Ludacris. Last night, their version of the single was released to the internet and is already popular.

Yo Gotti dominated the Southern mixtape market for close to a decade. After this, he signed a couple of major label deals that didn’t work out. However, everything came together when he secured a deal with Epic Records and now Yo Gotti is one of the biggest mainstream stars and his CMG label is nothing to take lightly.

Loving life has been key to Yo Gotti’s success and he shows this all the time. Recently, he was driving one of his new cars that he showed himself purchasing on Instagram. The music he was listening to was none other than his own, as he rocked out to Lil Wayne’s verse on the “Errrbody” remix.

Watch Yo Gotti’s Instagram video below:

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