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3 Other Things Ja Rule Would Surely Deem Hip-Hop

Ja Rule 11By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The latest news from multi-talented artist Ja Rule comes from the world of fashion. Well, kind of. He recently sat down for an interview with DJ Vlad’s VladTV, who wanted to know what the Queens native thought about the recent trend of “skirt-shirts.” For those unfamiliar, this piece of clothing is basically a long tee that resembles a skirt, and it’s caused some older rappers to speak out against the trent. Primarily, Lord Jamar, of Brand Nubian, has said that skirt-shirts are contributing to hip-hop becoming more “feminine.”

As for Ja Rule, however, he just sees this trend as part of what the younger generation is bringing to the culture. He said that he doesn’t think males wearing this piece of clothing are trying to be female. “I think dudes are doing it because it’s fashionable,” he said. “Being fashionable has now taken a new turn from when we were being fashionable.” He added that he’s worn some questionable outfits in the past, so it’s not like he (or anyone else for that matter) can really talk harp on anyone’s fashion choices.

“[Skirt-shirts] are hip-hop now,” Ja Rule said, noting that they didn’t get popular until rappers (like Young Thug) began wearing them. It’s a valid point, and it’s one that got me thinking about what else Ja Rule would consider hip-hop. Why would he feel that way? Because he’s been involved with all of them. Additionally, we’re providing ways for you (the reader) to follow in his footsteps, just in case you, too, want to have a résumé as unique and interesting as Ja Rule.

Read what Ja Rule deems hip hop below:

Reality TV

As we reported in early September, the Queens rapper is the latest artist to get his own reality TV show. It’s called “Follow The Rules” and it’s set to air in the next year or so on MTV. We also know that it centers on Ja Rule’s life as both an artist and a family man, as his children and wife are set to star alongside him.

Although it’s a lil’ dated, ABCNews’ guide to becoming a reality TV star is definitely worth a look if you wish to follow in the steps of Ja Rule and countless other rappers, random goofballs, washed-up celebrities, and everyone in between. Or don’t.


Believe it or not, Ja Rule is actually well-known among poker players and fans as having a pretty solid set of skills at the card game. According to an interview with Bluff Magazine, the rapper became close with poker pro Phil Ivey back in the mid-2000s—and he apparently even best him a few times. Ja Rule tends to mostly appear at celebrity tournaments alongside other amateur players, but it’ll be interesting to see if this grows into a bigger career for him down the line.

And if you’re looking to get into the game yourself, Betfair’s guide on how to play poker online is a great place to start. It’ll teach you the rules of a variety of poker forms, which you can use to your advantage on the web or playing at home with your friends.

Writing Autobiographies

In addition to revealing that he has new music and more acting gigs on the way, Ja Rule spoke to Hip Hop Vibe this past summer about his then-newly released autobiography. Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man is a sharp, well-written effort by a man who has truly seen both the great and awful sides of life in his 38 years. Without those ups and downs, though, it’s likely that Ja Rule wouldn’t be the determined and clear-minded individual that he is today.

Should you, too, feel compelled to share your story with the world, David Douglas Ford’s breakdown of how to write an autobiography provides some insight into accomplishing this goal. That being said, there’s one tip you should follow above all else: Don’t force this type of writing. It needs to come naturally.

Watch Ja Rule’s interview with VladTV below:

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