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Lil Fizz files restraining order against baby mama

Lil FizzBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Seeing how the past decade has gone, most had forgotten about Lil Fizz, but he reappeared in a major way in 2014. VH1 decided to do a third version of “Love & Hip Hop,” this time focusing on Hollywood. Among the cast members is Lil Fizz and he has quite the situation going on.

Lil Fizz has become a parent during his time out of the spotlight and he’s created quite the situation for himself. The mother of his child, Moenice, is not an active participant, as she is putting all she has into his music career. Having moved on, Lil Fizz wants Amanda to be his son’s mother figure and Moenice wants back in.

Now, rumor has it, that Lil Fizz has had enough of Moenice forcing her way back into both his and his son’s life. Those who have followed the show have seen how Lil Fizz has gone back and forth with her. Today, it was said that Lil Fizz filed a restraining order against Moenice.

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