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Louie V Gutta takes meeting with Kevin Liles [PHOTO]

Louie V Gutta 2By Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Much attention was given to Philadelphia’s hip hop scene during the 2011-2012 period. It was during this time when Meek Mill and Tone Trump began receiving major attention and signed with Maybach Music and CTE, respectively. Their success has shed light on other talented artists in Philadelphia, such as Louie V Gutta.

As most already know, Louie V Gutta shares a complicated history with Meek Mill. When he first introduced his Dreamchasers Records roster, Meek Mill included Louie V Gutta and they rode together. But, tensions have all but torn them apart, with Louie V Gutta now no longer representing anything Meek Mill related.

Surely, Meek Mill was the last thing on Louie V Gutta’s mind today. Louie V Gutta built an incredible fan base and major labels already took notice of him. Among the people paying attention was Kevin Liles and he called a meeting with Louie V Gutta, something he shared with his followers on Instagram.

See Louie V Gutta’s Instagram photo below:


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