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You Can’t Deny It: Fabolous gets photobombed by “Tupac” [PHOTO]

Fabolous 27By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There has always been a connection between Fabolous and Tupac, despite him coming out five years after ‘Pac died. His first solo single was “Can’t Deny It,” which featured Nate Dogg. The hook of the song was patterned after the hook for Tupac’s classic, “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.”

Bringing the classic back to life, Fabolous started his career on a high note. The past few years have seen Fabolous go through many changes and his career stayed primarily on the mixtape level. Still, Fabolous is considered a legend in most circles and he holds it down like a legend should.

Fabolous recently attended the 2014 BET Awards with Emily Bustamante and they took a quick selfie. Ironically, Fabolous saw his early past catch up to him in an interesting way. A person who looks eerily similar to Tupac Shakur photobombed the selfie, which they posted on Instagram.

See Fabolous’ Instagram photo below:

Fabolous at the BET Awards

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