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DJ Khaled will make his announcement at 1 pm today [PHOTO]

DJ Khaled 27By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

All weekend, DJ Khaled managed to make people squirm while he announced a major announcement he was making. Not only has DJ Khaled not told anyone what this announcement is, he has continued to tease it. Even during the BET Awards stuff, he was doing interviews about the announcement.

The various media sources DJ Khaled spoke to in Los Angeles know about the announcement, but they have been sworn to secrecy. This is all good, because everyone will know in only a few hours. Every summer, DJ Khaled manages to do something to get everyone’s attention.

Probably sensing people growing tired of him teasig the announcement, DJ Khaled is going to tell everyone today. Many woke up and likely wondered when the announcement would take place. In response to all of those people, DJ Khaled has the announcement ocming their way at 1 pm today.

See DJ Khaled’s Instagram photo below:

Khaled announcement

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