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Bathroom Selfie Fail: Girl takes selfie with dirty toilet [PHOTO]

SelfieBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past few years have seen social networking have a complete takeover of every form of social interaction. With this has come the selfie phenomenon, which shows people taking pictures of themselves. In the case of most women, they go for the sexiest pose possible of themselves.

Selfies have become instrumental on both Facebook and Instagram, even Twitter to a certain extent. But, selfies have become the inspiration of some jokes of women who take photos in dirty bathrooms. Sometimes there are dirty bathrooms, but a dirty toilet is one not many expected.

Recently, a photo was sent directly to Hip Hop Vibe of a girl with a dirty toilent (yes, that dirty) taking a selfie. The naked eye may not reveal the dirty toilet, but there was someone kind enough to circle it out in the photo. Those who haven’t seen the photo can check it out below.

See the photo in question below:


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