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Tiffany Foxx releases “King Foxx” mixtape artwork [PHOTO]

Tiffany Foxx beach 3By DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Definitely bringing the sexy element to hip hop, along with a few other very sexy females, Tiffany Foxx is owning the game. Working hand-in-hand with Lil’ Kim, last year the world got to know exactly who Tiffany Foxx is. She ended up winning a lot of people over when she appeared at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Last year, Tiffany Foxx was pushing her Goal Diggers mixtape. The mixtape ended up receiving nothing but positive reviews and established Tiffany Foxx as a rising new star in the game. Now, Tiffany Foxx is working on her King Foxx mixtape, which will drop this summer.

Recently, Tiffany Foxx put some very suggestive photos on her Instagram and that is perfectly fine. Outside of this, however, Tiffany Foxx kept people updated with her music. She took to her Instagram to also release the King Foxx mixtape artwork to the public.

See Tiffany Foxx’s Instagram photo below:

King Foxx official

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