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Cam’ron gets robbed and beaten in London? [VIDEO]

Cam'ron 6By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Holding the game down from Harlem, Cam’ron has become one of the most-consistent artists on the mixtape scene. Since the internet era started, Cam’ron has gone from a moderate star to legendary status. This has helped build the momentum when Cam’ron does decide to release new music.

Cam’ron is currently working with A-Trak and their “Dipshits” record is doing very well. It is quite easy to assume “Dipshits” is helping Cam’ron to get booked for some shows, even out of the country. Booking appears to be the problem if the rumors circulating Twitter and Instagram are true.

There has been absoultely no confirmation on this, but there is a rumor stating that Cam’ron got robbed in London. It’s said that Cam’ron had a concert, but he refused to perform. When Cam’ron refused to perform, some people rushed backstage and beat and robbed him, there is plenty of Instagram and Twitter speculation.

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