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Ja Rule re-ignites 50 Cent beef on Twitter

Ja Rule 9By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ten years ago, the situation with 50 Cent and Ja Rule was interesting. Over a decade after the fallout, most are bored with the back and forth and hoped there was an ending in sight. When Ja Rule came out of prison, he was speaking about nothing but peace and had a friendly encounter with 50 Cent.

Likewise, 50 Cent made his rounds also speaking positively on everyone. When either was asked about the other, they said they would never be friends, but wished the other well in their endeavors. Overnight, all of this growth and maturity has been replaced with more hatred.

Yesterday, 50 Cent officially ended his beefs with Nas, Young Buck, and G-Unit when they all performed on the Summer Jam stage at Hot 97. 50 Cent making peace was a power move, but in the same stroke, he also went hard at SBOE. Ja Rule must have been paying attention, as he made some disrespectful tweets about Fif.

Read Ja Rule’s tweets below:

Ja Rule tweet 1Ja Rule tweet 2

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