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Rezz Vokalz releases cover for “Till I Make It” album [PHOTO]

Rezz VokalzBy Zack Page
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of working going on to make sure Rezz Vokalz puts out the best project possible. When it comes to working on a professional level, a person must do their best, no way around it. The phrase go big or go home is overused, but it is true, very true.

Rezz Vokalz is determined to make it happen, regardless of how some may feel and what they have to say. The only thing that matters is that his team is situated and ready to go. General consensus is that they are all ready to go and make big things happen.

Openly, Rezz Vokalz shows off his hunger with the title of his new album. With so much already in store, Rezz Vokalz prepares Till I Make It, which will feature a brief collection of new songs. The album will be one of the bigger releases of the summer.

See the Till I Make It album cover promo below:

Rezz promo

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