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Tiffany Foxx releases “King Foxx” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

Tiffany Foxx 10By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In addition to being one of the sexiest figures in the game, Tiffany Foxx is one of the leading new stars. She is bold and bright, endorsed by Lil’ Kim, considered by most as one of the most-legendary rappers ever. With this in her corner, working for her, there is no limit for Tiffany Foxx and her movement.

Currently, Tiffany Foxx is working on her King Foxx mixtape, which is a follow-up to her Goal Diggers tape. Last year, Tiffany Foxx talked to Hip Hop Vibe about Goal Diggers. Unfortunately, that interview took place a few months before Hip Hop Vibe was formally introduced to Louie’s style.

Tiffany Foxx is often on Instagram, heating things up, and she is also up there updating fans about her music. King Foxx is next up for Tiffany Foxx and she put a cover out for the mixtape. Still no release date and the mixtape cover is likely prone to changes.

See Tiffany Foxx’s Instagram photo below:

King Foxx

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