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Too Hot For TV: Erica Mena shows off sexy cleavage in selfie [PHOTO]

Erica Mena 9By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Currently, Erica Mena is taking a backseat on television, while the stars from the sister series, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” is dominating VH1. Still, there is a lot of work from Erica Mena coming that has yet to be seen. Even with the work, Erica Mena will take the time out to stunt when she feels like it.

Sexiness is something hard to deny and most women who have it share it with the rest of the world. Even the people who dislike Erica Mena can see that she is a good-looking woman and they have said so. The people who follow Erica Mena on Instagram definitely get a good look at her looks.

Erica Mena often causes quite the conversation where her chest area is concerned. In her Hot 97 interview, earlier this year, there was a lot of discussion about this attribute of her body. There was reason to speak on this earlier this afternoon, when Erica Mena showed it off on Instagram.

See Erica Mena’s Instagram photo below:

Erica Mena cleav

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