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Dr. Dre debuts BeatsApple logo on Instagram [PHOTO]

Dr. Dre 2By DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Technically, Dr. Dre may not be hip hop’s first billionaire, but he has made a big move that shows how powerful hip hop can be. When people make the decision to jump into the hip hop world, professionally, the face all kinds of adversity. Deals like the one Dr. Dre is involved in should give those struggling extra hope.

There have been questions of if this new deal between Beats by Dre and Apple is official or not. The official confirmation has yet to come, but there is plenty of speculation. Also, the deal is all but done, but Dr. Dre made a major move when he made a rare Instagram post.

If the deal isn’t yet confirmed, Dr. Dre showed that it soon will be. He took to his Instagram and posted a new logo that displays what the future will soon hold. This new logo was the BeatsApple logo and he put it on Instagram, showing off the future of the Beats by Dre brand.

See Dr. Dre’s Instagram photo below:


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