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Rocko delays “Real Spill” mixtape to indefinite date

Rocko 13By DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Behind the scenes quietly working is Rocko and he is responsible for many of the biggest names on both a mainstream and mixtape level. Business is more of his forte, but when Rocko comes out with music, it bangs. This is why fans were eagerly anticipating Real Spill both yesterday and today.

Initially, Rocko planned to drop Real Spill with DJ Drama on Cinco De Mayo. But, there apparently was something that held the project up from being released as it was planned to. There will be a bit of a wait, but the question really is how long the people will be waiting.

Real Spill did not come yesterday and the countdown said it was pushed back until today. Upon going back to the link, it has a “coming soon” in the place of the release date and countdown. Currently, Rocko has no Real Spill release date.

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