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DJ EZ Rock, of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, died today

Rob Base DJ EZ RockBy DJ Charlie Hustle
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hours after the death of DJ Rashad died, there is another death to report. Harlem has had a profound impact on hip hop and, among the talents to come from the area, was the duo of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. These two are responsible for the “It Takes Two” hit single from back in the day, 1988 to be exact.

The duo had a strong run in the 1988-1989 period and they returned with another album in 1994. It’s been twenty years since they dropped a new album, but they have kept busy doing shows. Unfortunately, there will be no more shows for the duo and Rob Base will have to brave it out alone.

Only a few hours ago, news hit Twitter that DJ EZ Rock has died. DJ Scratch posted on Twitter and he gave his condolences to DJ EZ Rock. Now that he has passed on, the mourning can begin and it gives the world a chance to look back on what he provided to the world.

Read DJ Scratch’s tweets below:

Scratch tweet

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