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Fan calls Chief Keef retarded on Twitter, Chief Keef agrees

Chief Keef 19By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As a pioneer in drill music, Chief Keef is frequently met with controversy and some form of opposition. Most who are not familiar with drill music have very little positive to say about Chief Keef’s music. Those who do follow drill music are disappointed that Chief Keef hasn’t dropped Bang 3 yet.

Initially due on Christmas, Chief Keef has steadily pushed Bang 3 back and now spring is almost here. Instead of dropping Bang 3, Chief Keef announced he was doing the Bang 4 EP first. This decision threw a lot of people off, but what are the fans to really do about it?

Usually, fans express their displeasure on Twitter and insult whomever or whatever they are upset at. Seeing how Chief Keef has still yet to drop Bang 3, he is the person drill fans are angry with. One fan questioned if Chief Keef was retarded, seeing how three comes before four and the Chicago rapper said that was the type of person he is.

Read Chief Keef’s tweet exchange with a fan below:

Chief Keef retarded

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