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Mazaradi Fox killed in retaliation for 1998 murder

Mazaradi FoxBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Previously, Hip Hop Vibe reported a man named Scott Jamal was arrested for the murder of Mazaradi Fox, but his name was actually Jamal Scott. More information surrounding Mazaradi Fox’s death was revealed earlier this afternoon. During the initial reports of his murder, it was said the death was crime-related.

Jamal Scott actually targeted Mazaradi Fox out of revenge. According to The New York Daily News, Mazaradi Fox murdered Jamal Scott’s brother, Curtis, in 1998. It was said that Mazaradi Fox got into an argument with Curtis and his friend, Jamal Ethridge, and then opened fire, killing Curtis.

Witnessing the death of his brother and seeing Mazaradi Fox evade facing time over it, Jamal Scott took the first opportunity he had to strike back. When he struck back, he left Mazaradi Fox dead almost sixteen years after his brother died. Mazaradi Fox’s girlfriend spoke out, saying she understood why he wanted Mazi dead, but questioned why he was still harboring such anger after sixteen years.

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