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Kanye West’s final sneaker is up to $16 million on eBay

Kanye West 27By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

If the interview with Sway was any indication, Kanye West is done with Nike. He has since established a new deal with Adidas to create a new sneaker. But, Kanye West still has obligations to Nike that he needs to resolve, as he transitions into a new business arrangement.

This weekend, the Yeezy Red October was released to the public, but there was not much reaction to it from the media. However, immediately after it was released, the shoes sold out to the public. With most of the pairs of sneakers gone, there are some available on eBay.

Bidding on eBay has gone into the millions of dollars, as these are the final available sneakers in Kanye West’s deal with Nike. Recent bidding has gone into more than the average person will see in a lifetime. The bidding has gone all the way up to $16 million, which shows how viable of a brand Kanye West is.

See the Red October sneaker below:

Kanye sneakers

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