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Doe B releases “Definition of a Trapper 3” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

Doe B 3By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This year has been a breakout year for Grand Hustle Record’s Hustle Gang. Last year, the label ended the year on a high note, with T.I. finally releasing his comeback album. In the midst of this, T.I. also signed several artists to the label, including Doe B from Alabama.

Doe B had a strong impact this summer, releasing his Baby Jesus mixtape. The tape was promoted by Grand Hustle, so it led to a significant jump in Doe B’s overall popularity. As great as Baby Jesus was, Doe B is getting himself ready for next year, which means new music.

Definition of a Trapper 3 is the name of Doe B’s upcoming mixtape. His release date is currently scheduled for March 21, 2014 and he is getting fans ready for it now. This week, Doe B released the official cover of the mixtape and soon there will be new music off the tape.

See Definition of a Trapper 3 by Doe B below:

Definition of a Trapper 3

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