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Chief Keef responds to Migos on Twitter with a “warning”

Chief Keef 13By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This week has seen the continued subliminal shots being fired between Chief Keef and the popular Atlanta trio, Migos. As recently as this summer, they did a song together, but their relationship has fallen apart. Last week, Chief Keef dissed Migos on Twitter for sneak dissing and it’s been on ever since.

During the weekend, Chief Keef posted a text exchange he had about the Migos with someone who robbed them in Memphis. It’s becoming clear there is nothing these guys can do to make them cool with each other again. Migos opened the week with their own subliminal record, “Jealousy.”

Chief Keef is not one for subliminal shots, hence not liking sneak dissing, so he came back a little direct. Since his name wasn’t mentioned, Chief Keef isn’t mentioning names. He responded on Twitter the same day with a warning for the Migos about taking subliminal shots.

Read Chief Keef’s tweet below:

Chief Keef warning

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