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All Gold Everything: The Rise of the Gold Gods


All Gold Everything: The Rise of the Gold Gods

Gold GodsBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

To understand hip hop is to understand that it goes much deeper than the beats and the rhymes. Hip hop is a lifestyle and a culture that has inspired many to go into the lifestyle of simply being oneself. Jewelry is a fixture in hip hop from the days of Eric B. & Rakim to the Cash Money Records “bling bling” era.

Trinidad James rose to fame rapping about gold, like it or not and Plies’ gold chains injured his neck. Neither of these artists are the most-lyrical in the world, but they have helped take hip hop back to the era of gold chains. Problem is, not everyone can afford to drop thousands on chains, enter The Gold Gods.

The Gold Gods take their inspiration from the hip hop and street wear culture to create unique and stylish pieces. One of hip hop’s most popular pendants right now is the micro Jesus piece, which has been seen on almost every rap artist out there. The Gold Micro Jesus Piece necklace is the Gold Gods signature piece, priced at just $49.

A phrase that hasn’t gone away from hip hop since it entered is “ballin’ on a budget” and The Gold Gods allow that to happen with their prices that run from$49 to $99, as Gold Gods only charge a fraction of what the competitors offer. The Gold Gods reflect the new styles and put their own spin on them, examples are signature products like the Gold Pharaoh Head Necklace, the Gold Lion Head Necklace, and the Gold Medusa Head Necklace. Each piece is taken from handcrafted molds and triple covered in 18k pure gold.

For more information about The Gold Gods, click here.

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