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NYPD officers force man to rap for his freedom [VIDEO]


By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Listening to records from many New York rappers, it’s clear they believe there is a bias from the NYPD towards them. Given how most rappers’ lyrics center around committing crimes, there’s good reason for some form of bias. Most of the rappers who did prison time, mainly Ja Rule and Lil Wayne, were arrested by the NYPD.

Relations between cops and civilians have always been a little tricky. There are heroic police officers and then there are the officers who beat Rodney King. Like all aspects of life, there is good and bad in everything and one of those “bad” stories hit the news today when some NYPD police officers had a unique way to free a man.

NYPD officers ended up running into a man and they had a proposition for him. The officers from the 75th precinct approached him and handcuffed him. When they discovered he was a rapper, they decided to have him rap for his freedom and if it was good enough, they’d let him go and he filed a lawsuit against him.

NOTE: The officers in the photo above were not involved in this altercation.

Watch the entire video below:

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