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HHV Exclusive: Kev.D releases “Double Life” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

Kev.DBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of people might recognize Kev.D for his appearances on MTV, as he is a rising rap star. This year, Kev.D has made plenty of big plans and a lot of them involve DJ Louie Styles, who has his hands in a lot of pots. Both Kev.D and DJ Louie Styles reside in New Jersey and they are working hard on new projects.

Kev.D is a native of Burlington, New Jersey and he is the best-known hip hop figure from the area. His hard work has led him to begin working on an official album, which will come after his Double Life mixtape. DJ Louie Styles will host the upcoming mixtape from Kev.D.

Since the year is coming to a close, Kev.D hopes to end it on a high note. For some time, fans have anticipated Double Life and now the mixtape has a cover, which was released exclusively to Hip Hop Vibe. Still, the mixtape has no set release date, but is due sometime before Christmas.

See the Double Life artwork below:

Double Life

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