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Chief Keef is doing drug rehab while in jail

Chief Keef 17By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the reasons Chief Keef came under so much fire when he entered the game was because of his lyrics. Many people were shocked by how violent the overall music was, but some of his other lines also surprised fans. Chief Keef rapped about having sex with multiple women and smoking tons of weed.

Several states have legalized marijuana outside of simply rehabilitation purposes. The smoking of marijuana is illegal in the states in which Chief Keef inhabits. This is especially the case for the city of Chicago, which is one of the most-violent cities in the nation and this violence has been pinned on Chief Keef.

Recently, Chief Keef announced he was being sent to jail and he would be released late in the month on October 25. Chief Keef posted the above photo to Instagram when he turned himself in. It was fitting for this photo to be used in this article, as Chief Keef is going to be doing drug rehab while serving out his days.

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