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Nas rumored to be working on new album with DJ Premier

Nas 9By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Most authentic hip hop heads point to Nas as someone they consider one of the best of all-time. There’s no question to what Nas has done for the rap game over the past two decades or the era he came out of. But, to acknowledged Nas’ high points means acknowledging his shortcomings.

Nas has taken them all and they have led to the mixture that has made him an opposing force in the game for so long. Waiting four years to drop his last album, Nas released a modern hip hop classic with Life is Good. Very few people thought Nas would come back so strongly, but he did and the world has taken notice.

Originally, Nas planned to release a new album this year, but it’s not looking too likely that this will happen. Instead of Nas releasing a new album this year, there is a rumor circulating the internet that he will drop one with DJ Premier. There has been no official word on when this album will drop.

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