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J Stalin tells Messy Marv to keep him out of the Bay Area beef

J. StalinBy Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

So much for the peace and happiness in Northern California. A little over a month ago, a new war began when Messy Marv was almost beaten to death in Reno. Things got even more intense a few days ago, when Kafani was shot five times at the filming of his own music video.

Kafani’s shooting came in the midst of several disses flying from Philthy Rich, Kurt Diggler, DB Tha General, and Messy Marv. The situation became pretty violent pretty fast and the rappers were quick to set the record straight. Most of the other Bay Area rappers, specifically Oakland, have done their best to stay out of it.

J Stalin was mentioned in a tweet from Messy Marv last night. Twitter is where it all goes down, but J Stalin wasn’t having any of that. Messy Marv posted about J Stalin and his record label, Livewire Records and J Stalin was quick to tell him that does not fly with him and that he is not doing rap beef.

Read Messy Marv and J Stalin’s tweets below:

Mess tweetJ Stalin tweet

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