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Jay-Z and Beyonce fight with paparazzi in Croatia [VIDEO]

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Jay-Z and Beyonce fight with paparazzi in Croatia [VIDEO]

Jay-Z and BeyonceBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Jay-Z has been scrutinized more than any other rapper ever has. But, also note that he has had more success than any other rapper ever has. On Kanye West’s “I’m So Appalled” off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Jay-Z touched on this. It’s something Jay-Z has accepted and he’s moved on from it.

Think about how much Jay-Z has won, seriously. Back in his Reasonable Doubt days, he already was good in the eyes of most. But, Jay-Z rose the ranks from well off, to wealthy, to rich with his restaurants, nightclubs, clothing lines, shoe lines, NBA teams, and now sports management firm… oh yeah, Beyonce too.

Envious people don’t realize how he made it this far and then the media tortures him with stupid rumors. Anytime he lives his house, the paparazzi harass him, thus the “can’t even take my daughter for a walk” line. But, things boiled over big time when he and Beyonce were in Croatia and their security fought off an annoying pap.

Watch the entire interview below:

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