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U-God responds to Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever,” promises Wu-Tang Clan remix

U-GodBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Drake paid dues and has become one of the biggest artists in the game because of this. A person who is very new school, Drake has a lot of appreciation and love for the old school. This is what hip hop has longed for, a new star with a zest for the old school, but it has caused Drake a lot of backlash.

Despite the backlash Drake gets, he continues to go pay homage, as he should. Drake’s latest effort to pay homage to the old school came in the form of “Wu-Tang Forever” and it seemed he might finally get his props. Immortal Technique responded to it on Twitter and gave praise to Drake before hearing the song and taking it back.

“Wu-Tang Forever” led to responses from the old Wu-Tang Clan. U-God chimed in after the Immortal Technique response. The Clan is not pleased with the record, so U-God promised they would take the instrumental and make their own version of the track to make it their own.

Read U-God’s statement below:

“They wanted us to remix it and get on there [so] you gon’ probably hear another one with us on it,” said U-God. “Meth did his verse – we all did our verses. I wrote my rhyme in probably 15, 20 minutes. We were moving so fast we only had about four hours of studio time. If I had some time to really sit down and get juicy with it, I probably could’ve got juicier with it. But I still do a nice one, I still do a real banger.”

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