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Gucci Mane announces retirement from rap on Twitter

Gucci Mane 5By Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Few rappers have put out as much music over a six-year span like Gucci Mane. Each year, Gucci Mane drops tons of mixtapes and street albums for his fans. Three years have gone by since Gucci Mane’s last official major label album, but he recently dropped an album this year.

Hip hop without Gucci Mane is hard to imagine since he has become such a dominant presence in the game. Gucci Mane built a large fan base with his music, even though a lot of critics disregard it. Despite this, Gucci Mane has found all types of success and remains one of hip hop’s biggest figures.

Gucci Mane recently took to his Twitter and revealed his upcoming plans. Even with the new music he has planned and the four mixtapes he has already dropped this year, it looks like the end is near. According to Gucci Mane’s tweets from this afternoon, he will soon be retiring from the rap game and he provided no word on what comes next.

Read Gucci Mane’s tweets below:

Gucci Mane retirement tweets

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