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HHV Video of the Week: Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake – “Holy Grail”

Holy Grail visualBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he decided he was going to do Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z knew it was time for him to shake up the game. Through his career, Jay-Z has always done that, so it was nothing for him to shatter the traditions. Delivering his album via a Samsung mobile app, Jay-Z became the first artist to go platinum in a day.

Aside from his business moves, Jay-Z is a dope artist and usually the artist of the year any time he drops. It was only right for “Holy Grail” with a resurgent Justin Timberlake to be a radio hit. Yesterday, Jay-Z dropped the music video everyone was waiting for to talk about on Facebook, through Facebook, genius move.

Several music videos dropped this week, but Jay-Z found an innovative way to deliver something outside of the norm in the “Holy Grail” video. This week, Hip Hop Vibe is rolling with “Holy Grail” as the Video of the Week. The music video is attached below for the viewing pleasure of the masses.

Watch “Holy Grail” by Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake below:

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