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Yo Gotti releases artwork for “Nov. 19th: The Mixtape” [PHOTO]

Yo Gotti 7By Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With so many people claiming king this and king that, a lot of fans on discussion forums have crowned kings. In Memphis, Yo Gotti was crowned king, but that’s a title he has held for the longest time anyway. Far from a new artist, Yo Gotti has countless street titles under his belt and now comes the debut album.

Mixtapes are what helped establish Yo Gotti as the force he is. Even with his major label partnership and debut album, Yo Gotti plans to continue releasing mixtapes. He is currently making plans to drop his next title, which is Nov. 19th: The Mixtape, and the date is implied in the title, but not confirmed.

Yo Gotti is getting fans ready for his upcoming project and he took to Instagram this afternoon. He laid out his plans quite simply by releasing the below photo for the people to see. With the tape coming soon, the mixtape release date is currently set for next Monday, Labor Day.

See the Nov. 19th  mixtape cover below:

Nov. 19th

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