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Papoose announces plans to diss more rappers on Twitter

PapooseBy Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Suddenly competition matters in hip hop again. If not for anything else, maybe New York hip hop fans can give Kendrick Lamar credit for that. The game was complacent and guys like Papoose did not feel as though they had to defend too much of anything, now that has changed.

Papoose was one of the responses fans were waiting for when Kendrick Lamar crowned himself king of New York on Big Sean’s “Control.” As the story is going on a week old, there are more responses coming for the record. But, Papoose is one who has stepped up with his music.

Regardless of where rappers are from, Papoose issued a major warning for all of them last night on Twitter. Any rapper who goes just a little bit out of the way and happens to offend Papoose is on his wanted list. Papoose is back in the studio and he is looking for a reason to slaughter somebody’s favorite rapper.

Read Papoose’s tweets below:

Papoose tweet

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