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HHV Exclusive: Slate Stone talks Phenomenal Radio and Phenom Digital Tour

Slate Stone

By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In an industry full of tricks, there are few legitimate people who are willing to help open up doors. It is rare to run across someone who is not simply talking to make themselves look good. Then, there are guys like Slate Stone, who are Phenomenal, no pun fully intended.

Slate Stone began as a rapper out of Texas, but he is currently known as an up-and-coming media owner. His properties begin with Phenomenal Radio and they continue with other ventures, such as Sky Skrape Films. There is a lot of things Slate Stone has in the works.

At the top of the list for Slate Stone is the Phenom Digital Tour, which is an online showcase of some rising independent artists. Hip Hop Vibe is a part of this digital tour and Slate Stone recently stopped by. Slate Stone did his first-ever Hip Hop Vibe interview this afternoon and he discussed the tour and the station.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us exactly what Phenomenal Radio is? This is a global radio station that consistently helps independent artists and entities get the proper exposure. Everyone in the hip hop genre and other genres can utilize what we have. The goal is to bring everybody together.

In addition to the radio station, you have some other media outlets, can you speak about those? Ah yeah. Sky Skrape Films is a media outlet for videos, that’s our film company. What we do with Sky Skrape Films, we shoot music videos and films, so anyone with videos, this is for them. This is our film company and an outlet for others. This is our visual branch.

How do you feel about the outlook for the projects this year? Oh man, I feel real confident, a thousand percent confident. We have a lot of good stuff that has yet to come.

Can you speak more about the Phenom Digital Tour? This is an innovation and I call it that because it is something that has never been done before. We crossed with a lot of different brands and we collectively distribute products from brands to an interactive following and you have so many brands that are solid. So, every artist involved, we have them being seen by all of these people and we are all pushing it as one. The networking possibilities are endless. Our digital tour includes artists from all over the world pushing the same singles, videos, and cover art to conference calls, websites, DJs, and more. At the end of all this campaigning, we can launch a physical tour with all of our people because of the media outlets who have picked it up. Everyone is playing an important part in this innovation which is bringing brand exposure.

Who are the artists involved with this digital tour? Spliff Star, Omizzle, both of Paper Rock Records, Polar out of the Midwest, and another Midwest guy named Carson, Shelean out of the UK who is based in Los Angeles, Bullet Brak, he is one of the leading rappers out out the DMV, and we also have Tamera Bubble, King Piff holding down Jersey and New York, 5 Steez from Jamaica. Those are the eight artists we have on the tour.

How can we connect with you and learn more about your movement? Visit, #PhenomDigital, or Google. Search any of those artists and it’ll come up.

See the Phenomenal Radio Digital Tour flyers below:

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