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Morning Heat: Kanema Kingston, Sean Kingston’s sister

Kanema KingstonBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Everybody should know who Sean Kingston is, he has logged almost ten years in the game. After this, everybody will know who his sister is, her name is Kanema Kingston and she is definitely worth a couple of looks. There is something about those islands, the women over there have curves dangerous enough to total vehicles on.

Kanema Kingston proves the point that Jamaica is one of the sexiest places on Earth. In a matter of hours, Kanema Kingston has managed to go viral through her Instagram pictures. She is more than the sister of a celebrity, Kanema Kingston is a budding star, herself.

After going through some of her Instagram photos, here is a compilation of the best of the best. Right now, most people are in the bed knocked out cold. It’s all good, because when they get up, Hip Hop Vibe has something that will wake everybody up in a flash and it is Kanema Kingston.

Watch Kanema Kingston’s Money Mondays video below:

See additional photos of Kanema Kingston below:

Kanema Kingston 1Kanema Kingston 2Kanema Kingston 3Kanema Kingston 4Kanema Kingston 5Kanema Kingston 6Kanema Kingston 7Kanema Kingston 8

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