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Game renames Rolex Records to The Firm Records

Ali Bomaye GameBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Jesus Piece is probably the most-underrated body of work to come out in a very long time. Unfortunately, as Game is getting better with time, it seems as if the fans are tuning out on him, well at least according to the album sales. Not to worry because, as the picture suggests, Game is still doing well for himself.

Game made The Black Wall Street Records into a brand and he once promised that label would lead a Los Angeles revival. His grand plans did not fully come to life, but Game did manage to break Compton Menace as an artist. This is why his launch of a new label with Stat Quo, Rolex Records, surprised a lot of people.

Starting a company sharing a similar name to another one is always risky business and it is prone to cause problems. Game ran into two problems today, one was being sued by a former babysitter of his children, the other was Rolex threatening to sue. All is well, however, as Game renamed the label to The Firm Records.

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