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Hip hop reacts to the Zimmerman verdict

George ZimmermanBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of hate is directed towards George Zimmerman and him being found not guilty of all his charges has done little in gaining him any friends. Hip hop is an outspoken genre and the people within the community have closely followed the trial. In the wake of Zimmerman getting off, a lot of known names have voiced their opinions.

Most can agree what happened, the murder of Trayvon Martin that is, was unnecessary and wrong. At this point, everyone knows Trayvon Martin was a regular kid and not some violent thug who had to be shot. The same, however, cannot be said for Zimmerman, who obviously was irrational.

Hip hop stands by Trayvon Martin and many of the biggest names in the game have voiced their opinions on Twitter about the situation. Life is far from perfect and is very unfair. However, that is a fact of life and freedom of speech is one benefit America has and hip hop’s elite are currently using it.

Read the tweets below:

Trav, G-Unit Records

DJ J-Ronin

  Avery Storm

Myla Sinanaj


Michael Baisden

  Chief Keef

Lil Duval


DJ Southanbred

Erica Dixon

Ace Hood



Nicki Minaj



Shaheem Reid

Meek Mill




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