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HHV Exclusive: Lil Mook talks “The Masterpiece” EP, “Connected,” Rich Homie Quan, and mixtapes

Lil MookBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Anybody who follows the mixtape scene should know Lil Mook. His name continuously appears on mixtapes, as he has hosted some popular series with the biggest mixtape DJs, namely DJ Lil Keem. But, the past few weeks have only been about Lil Mook and no one else.

Lil Mook started the month of July out with the release of The Masterpiece. This past week, Lil Mook released “Connected (remix),” which features Rich Homie Quan and also Cap1. The mixtape scene has proven to be a fertile breeding ground for future stars, including Rich Homie Quan and Cap1.

Hip Hop Vibe talked to the man behind The Masterpiece, Lil Mook, today. He spoke to us about The Masterpiece and why he chose to drop an EP. Lil Mook also discussed the hit song, “Connected,” and the success of Rich Homie Quan, along with his mixtape run.

Read the entire interview below:

Did you feel any pressure dropping your project in the midst of so many other major releases? Actually, I didn’t pay it any mind. I am an independent artist, so I wasn’t really a part of that. I dropped my project when I wanted to.

Why did you choose to drop The Masterpiece as an EP instead of a mixtape, or street album? Already, I have twelve, fourteen mixtapes out, so I decided to try out an EP. There is a lot of free Lil Mook music, I decided to see if I could sell some records out here.

Clearly, you won’t be selling the way the major artists have with their projects, but what do you personally consider to be a success in terms of your project? If I can do 500 to 1,000 sales, I think that is pretty dope. But, it is not all about sales, it is about giving the fans some good music and artists need to always keep that in mind.

Can you talk about your collaborations with Rich Homie Quan and Cap1? I have been knowing Rich Homie for about a year and we did that record when I had my birthday bash back in November. Then, we did the remix with Cap1, who I knew from the club scene. But, ran into him in the studio and he got on the remix of “Connected,” so much love to him and his movement.

Rich Homie Quan has been doing his thing for the past few years and now he is starting to blow up, how does it feel to see him come up and do you think you will gain any new fans off your recent collaboration with him? I am proud of Quan man. I have had the chance to see him grow, from recording Still Goin In, and all that. With his fan base growing, I am very proud and “Connected” is dong well on YouTube, iTunes, and Zippyshare. That’s my brother and we have a lot of big things going on.

Will you put out an independent album following The MasterpieceI am going to drop another mixtape called I Am Alabama III: Reloaded with five new records, but the team is thinking I should drop an entirely-new mixtape. But, my album isn’t coming until I feel I get a big enough fan base for it, so I gave them this EP.

Outside of your collaborations, you are making noise on the mixtape circuit, hosting projects with a lot of big name DJs, how did that come together? I’ve been grinding man, putting out some good music over the past year. Salute to all the DJs who support the grind, drop good music, and who are humble. I shot my music over to these DJs and they held me down. Shout out Trap-A-Holics, I will be doing a tape with him soon, so expect a song to drop off that.

Which mixtape DJ do you feel you have the best working relationship with? I would say DJ Lil Keem, and the 4 Tre 3 DJs, I have known those guys for six and seven years, they hold me down.

Should we expect to see you hosting some upcoming mixtapes anytime soon? Yeah, I got a lot of projects I will be hosting. DJ Cortez, Trap-A-Holics, shit I got a lot of tapes coming, one might even drop today, I got a lot of music out.

Can you let us know where we can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and why people should go out and buy The Masterpiece if they have not already? The reason to buy The Masterpiece is to support the independent artist and to support good music, all of those records are good records, so support me on iTunes. @Lil_Mook_BBE on Twitter, Instagram @IAmLilMook, and Facebook is Lil Mook.

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