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Don Cannon named Vice President of A&R at Def Jam [PHOTO]

Don CannonBy Agustin Igleasis
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The original purpose of an A&R was to scout the hottest talent and develop them. But, in the rise of the DJ-hosted mixtape, it has become the DJ handling this role and then presenting these artists to A&Rs. Watching hip hop evolve is something only true fans can digest and enjoy.

Don Cannon has been DJ Drama’s right-hand man for years. Both men are originally from Philadelphia and relocated to Atlanta and built their names. While in Atlanta, they have helped mold many of hip hop’s biggest names. DJ Drama found his own position in the game, while Don Cannon has continued with the mixtapes.

An hour ago, Don Cannon took to his Instagram and he had a major announcement. It turns out Don Cannon is now an executive over at Def Jam. Don Cannon announced he is now the Vice President of A&R at Def Jam. Along with Don Cannon’s announcement, Def Jam released a statement.

Read Def Jam’s statement below:

“A music person can only dream about being at Def Jam, the most important  hip-hop destination in the world. I feel I have a cutting edge vision for where the culture and hip-hop are heading and I’m excited to be joining the team.  I’m already working 24/7 to drive the innovation of music forward and I’m confident we’ll land some big successes in the very near future.”

See Don Cannon’s announcement below:

Don Cannon Def Jam

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