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Album Preview: Crooked I – “Apex Predator”

Apex PredatorBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This is an album that has been a couple years in the making. Hip hop fans wanted their dose of Slaughterhouse and they got it last summer. Now, all of the members are going solo with Crooked I being next up. Before Slaughterhouse, Crooked I helped keep the hip hop scene out in Los Angeles going and he is still playing that role.

Apex Predator is the upcoming album from Crooked I and it comes right in the heart of the summer. Yeah, all the real hip hop heads are looking for some music to tide them over and Crooked I is giving it to them. Real lyricism prevails this time and every time with Crooked I in the mix.

Due on July 30 is Apex Predator and the album features guest appearances from a lot of the big names. Tech N9ne, K-Young, and more appear on the album and production comes from Sarom, Cardo, and Mr. Porter, among others. This album is only three weeks away people.

See the Apex Predator track listing below:

Apex Predator

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