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HHV Exclusive: Cliff Po talks “Eternity of Tomorrows” album

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HHV Exclusive: Cliff Po talks “Eternity of Tomorrows” album

Cliff Po 2By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Popular on the internet is Cliff Po, who made himself an online staple with his “Trillz” single. Two years removed from “Trillz,” Cliff Po has continued to make his way through the game as he searches for stardom. It seems as if it has taken an eternity of tomorrows, it is not a coincidence that this is the title of his new album.

Cliff Po has taken a major risk, releasing Eternity of Tomorrows through Bandcamp, but he needed to get it out somehow. Going out of pocket, Cliff Po also has physical copies of his album circulating the Tri-State area. Also, the “True Religion” song with Sativa High is doing well.

Closing out June with the release of his new album, Cliff Po talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the new project. There are a lot of projects that come out that get overlooked. Because of how the project was released, Cliff Po runs this risk, but the love for the music keeps him going, in spite of all.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did you choose the Eternity of Tomorrows album title? Sativa High helped me think of the name. The meaning is that we all chasing for a dream and we all chasing for tomorrow.

What is different about this project, as opposed to the others that have dropped over the past month? No gimmicks and it’s straight from the soul. If people don’t like it, fuck them I like it.

Though it is too early to properly gauge, would you say this album is a classic? Not on know cocky shit, but I probably released one of the most creative and conscious album of the year. I’ts up to the people to decide in ten years if its a classic.

You jumped right into album mode, why didn’t you release this project as a mixtape? I have eleven mixtapes before this album. I’m trying to get paid and show how I grew as an artist.

Can you talk about how the “True Religion” song came together? Had most of the lyrics for almost five years, found the perfect beat to match to bring out the essence of the song, put the Big L vocals behind it “What Type of Life is that for a Child,” sent it to Sativa and she brought it to life. It sounds vintage and you can hear the passion in my words.

What is it like working with Sativa High? Amazing, she needs to be on a bigger platform, shes very creative.

Who are some of the other people on the album? Tav Gang, Metafore, Ashlee Chanel, Dutch NY.

Give the fans a reason to go out and support your project? If you tired of hear the same overrated, over saturated, cliche, gimmicky bullshit and want to hear music with a passion and more knowledge of self take a dollar invest in the sound

Before we go, leave us your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so fans can follow you? Facebook is Cliff Po Menace II Humanity, Twitter is Cliff_Po_UDTV.


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