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Sneak Peek: Ciara previews “DUI” and “Sophomore” [VIDEO]

Ciara 2By Q The Question
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

So, it’s going on three years since Ciara put out anything new. She shut the ish down over the weekend at the 2013 BET Awards. Ciara released the music video for “I’m Out” with Nicki Minaj and guy code kicked in immediately. But, this is only the appetizer for her upcoming self-titled album.

Coming up next from the album are the singles, “DUI” and “Sohpomore.” Ciara has taken her career back and picked up right where she left off. She didn’t have the spotlight until recently, but she proved to the world that she can cut it on and off as she pleases and that is good for any artist.

Since she has planned to release “DUI” and “Sophomore” as the next singles off the album, Ciara treated the world. Getting all of us ready for the new singles, Ciara has music videos on the way. She decided to tease those to the world before she officially releases the visuals.

Watch the “DUI” video teaser below:

Watch the “Sophomore” video teaser below:

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