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Phenomenal Radio’s Indie Spotlight: Wreck Wregular

Wreck WregularBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Florida’s hip hop scene is commanding quite a bit of attention. Orlando is a hot city bubbling under and there are a lot of people putting it down. Phenomenal Radio has made it their purpose to get acquainted with artists from all over the world, branching out far beyond their Texas headquarters.

Definitely, Florida is a focus for Phenomenal Radio, with Wreck Wregular being one of the leaders of the Orlando scene. Through his mixtapes and his buzz on the local circuit, Wreck Wregular has become a rising star. Wreck Wregular also has a song out with fellow Orlando rep, Remedy Da Franchise.

Phenomenal Radio and Hip Hop Vibe came together close to one year ago to spotlight one independent artist each week. Wreck Wregular is the latest spotlighted artist, which is the Indie Spotlight. Check this out and get to know more about the rising Orlando superstar.

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