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Lowe receives positive feedback from “Wyld” mixtape

WyldBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At one point or another, every child born after 1980 probably had a dream of being a rapper. Some rapped to their favorite songs in the mirror and got over it, while others pursued it. Lowe decided to stick with the rapping and ended up being pretty good at it, as his Wyld mixtape has done well.

Lowe went all out with his mixtape, teaming up with mixtape powerhouse Coast 2 Coast for his release. Lil Fats, the Coast 2 Coast founder, actually hosted Wyld, as it went on to become one of the biggest independent releases out. More of an EP than a mixtape, Lowe received shout outs from Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean on the tape.

At only the age of nineteen, Lowe is well on his way to success and stardom in the rap game. There are older, more-established, artists who would struggle to get what he got with Wyld. But, progress is all that concerns Lowe, as he said in a statement he released about his mixtape.

Read Lowe’s statement below:

“There is nothing greater than hearing fans that relate to my music. Hip hop has got me through tough times in life and I try to leave everything I have in the studio. Thank you to all who made this project possible.”

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