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HHV Exclusive: Breezy Montana talks “Foreigner_Swagg,” “Designer Belts,” and Nicki Minaj

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HHV Exclusive: Breezy Montana talks “Foreigner_Swagg,” “Designer Belts,” and Nicki Minaj

Breezy MontanaBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about this new generation of hip hop because there is something for everybody. Artists from every city, every state, and every nation are having tremendous amounts of success. This was all made possible courtesy of the internet.

In the case of Breezy Montana, the internet helped to catch the attention of one of the biggest rappers in the game. With “Havin Shit” already under his belt, Breezy Montana released “Designer Belts,” a song Nicki Minaj co-signed. Soon, the impossible happened and she put the song on her Soundcloud.

The official remix of “Designer Belts” will appear on Nicki Minaj’s upcoming mixtape, but she is not the only one with a tape due. Breezy Montana is working on his own mixtape, Foreigner_Swagg. Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to Breezy Montana about his mixtape and Nicki Minaj.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you start working on this mixtape? I have been working on this tape since the Winter. I was doing Drill music before, but I came up with a different sound in December. This is sort of like an old school, party music sound.

Are you pleased with the fan reaction to this new sound? Yeah. My videos that I shot for my mixtape have done well, somewhere around 60,000 views. Then, I get videos of people who dance to my videos. I have helped elevate a lot of dances and I have even made the news with this stuff.

Why did you choose to name your mixtape your Twitter handle, Foreigner_Swagg? I don’t smoke or drink, for one, which makes me different. I made the song “Gucci Holic” for that reason. But, I am a foreigner, I like Gucci, but I’m not into that other stuff, it makes me foreign, so I changed my Twitter to represent that and then I named my mixtape.

Who are some of the people you are working with on Foreigner_SwaggThis is my first mixtape, so I am having it all about me. But, I got some Chicago dudes like my brother, KJ, JMP, and a few more, Lil Chris, Shawty Doo, hope I don’t overlook anybody. But, this mixtape is really about myself, I wanted to be the focus. Cicero on the Beat is also the person who helped me put a lot of this stuff together and I also worked with Billionaire Boyscout who produced French Montana’s “Choppa Choppa Down.”

Chicago’s hip hop scene is really diverse, would you say your city is taking over the game? Definitely would. I would say shouts out to Chief Keef because he opened the door for us. A lot of people are trying to sound like Chief Keef to get on, but I feel like you need to be different, so I bring a different side of Chicago with my music. Everybody isn’t about the life Chief Keef is about, plus my fan base is young, so I stay away from that stuff and be clean for the radio.

Who is your favorite artist on the Chicago scene? Shit, Breezy Montana (laughs). I listen to Chief, and pretty much of some of everybody on the scene.

How did you link up with Nicki Minaj? It was crazy, but it is my young fan base. Nicki Minaj has a friend with some of these young fan bases and she ran across me through that and she liked my music and she put me on her Soundcloud with “Designer Belts” and I am getting a strong push from her. She told me she is going to do the song and I am hoping for the video.

Will you be appearing on Nicki Minaj’s next project? She says the song, “Designer Belts,” will be on her mixtape. I wanted it on her album, but she said she could not do that. But, the remix is coming out in July.

So, have you had a chance to link up with her people? Right now, I am just in the city and still building my buzz before she jumps in and helps me out. She has me on her Soundcloud right now and then we are building from there. If she sees more results from me, we can take it to the next level.

Where can we find you online? My Facebook is Travaris Brown, Twitter is @Foreigner_Swagg, but I use my Facebook more than anything.

Watch “Havin’ Shit” by Breezy Montana below:

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