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Freddie Gibbs calls Young Jeezy “fake” after CTE split

Freddie Gibbs 2By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early in 2011, it appeared as if Young Jeezy had refocused on his music. Not hiding his activities, Young Jeezy said the Miami parties hindered his focus on his album. But, 2011 was gametime for him. Young Jeezy released his “Ballin'” single with Lil Wayne and he signed Freddie Gibbs to Corporate Thugz Entertainment.

Freddie Gibbs hit the ground running, releasing songs on top of each other. Building a lot of momentum, many wondered when Freddie Gibbs would release a full-length album. He explained that CTE and Def Jam were having him put out singles to see how they would do and that mixtapes were their focus.

Doing albums with Madlib and other hip hop veterans, Freddie Gibbs left CTE earlier this year. Freddie Gibbs claimed the split was peaceful, but he had choice words for his former boss, Young Jeezy, in his XXL interview. During this talk, Freddie Gibbs said Young Jeezy is fake and has not been supportive since he left the label.

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